Fun Fabric Face Covers

Pandemics, amirite?

Early on, I started making fabric masks when it was clear that two or three layers of quilting cotton offered a decent barrier to prevent “speaking moistly” on one another. I started by digging through my considerable fabric stash and eventually bought some fun Halloween fabrics.

My masks are VERY basic: two layers of fabric, accordion folded, with elastic ear loops and no nose wire — and they are priced accordingly. They are no-frills but I really prefer the fit of them for me, not everyone prefers this style.

If you are looking for fitted masks, there are two other local folks making gorgeous masks: Showgirl Sparkle and Pride On Your Face masks. And if you want a nose wire, the entrepreneurs of the Kindness Factory cranking out mountains of face covers!

Right now, I am not offering to ship my masks, they are available for pick up (upper Fort St. area) or delivery in Greater Victoria B.C.

A note on sizing. The elastic is fairly stretchy but there’s a range to make it fit snugly. To get the best fit, measure from ear to ear (center to center), across your nose and choose from this guide (if it is outside these ranges, please choose “custom” and send me your measurements — especially for children under 12):

L/XL fits 34-37 cm (13.5 – 14.5 inches)
M/L fits 32-34.5 cm (12.5 – 13.5 inches)
S/M fits 29-32 cm (11.5 – 12.5 inches)
XS fits 26.5-29 cm (10.5 -11.5 inches)

A larger mask may also be purchased if you use a behind-the-head/ear-saver mask holder.