Consulting Services

23164132_5838c6fe83_mcontent management

After working in libraries for thirty years, I’ve learned how to put things in order and why it is important to sort them so other people can find them. If you are staring down some unruly content, I can help organize it all or I can teach you how to organize your content both retroactively and for the future. If you prefer, I can do a site audit and provide you with a summary of suggested fixes.

copywriting and copy editing

Sometimes, you have a great site and not enough content. Whether you need help building the basics or you want some ongoing content — blog posts or articles — I can help. I’m also happy to work with you on other writing projects, from product descriptions to tutorials. If you have content that needs a little TLC I am happy to discuss copy editing solutions too.

SocialMedia_Marketingsocial media

Need to get started in social media? Need help with one site in particular? Want to talk best-practices? Just need some regular content? I’ve been using social media from the beginning and I’m often exploring what’s new. I’m happy to offer consulting about social media, or training, or discuss content packages.

training and speaking

Whether it’s a presentation to a room full of people or one on one instruction, training and speaking is something that is near and dear to me. I love getting people to those aHa! moments where things that were unclear start to make sense. I’m happy to offer instruction and presentations in a variety of areas.