Creative Miscellany is my umbrella for all the creative work I do from various web-and-tech related services to writing and copy editing to arts and crafts. This site focuses primarily on the web, tech, and training services but everything I do is listed under either consulting or creative services.

consulting-selfx400Who am I? I’m Page C. DeWolfe, I live on the laid back West Coast of Canada and I’ve been creating things all my life. I taught myself web design back in the earliest days of the web, when everything had to be hand coded in HTML and I never looked back. Today I work primarily with WordPress which is a robust and infinitely customizable CMS (Content Management System). While I can help with other CMS setups (such as Drupal or Joomla) as a consultant, they are not my go to for design.

Have a look around and see what else I have to offer, or just skip straight to the contact page; either way, I look forward to talking to you about how I can help.